Bats are nothing to mess around with!

While they are a protected species and they do great things for the ecosystem (eat lots of bugs!), bats and their droppings can be very hazardous to your heath! You either think you might have a bat problem or you KNOW you do...

Do I have a bat problem?

One bat in your house may not indicate an infestation; you may have left a door or unscreened window open. Do NOT hit it with anything (tennis racket, etc.)!! Not only is this inhumane and illegal (if you hurt or kill him), it is very dangerous! Even a tiny bit of blood or saliva could contain the rabies virus! Caution MUST be exercised if you find the bat in the morning, especially in any area in which a child or elderly person is, or ANYONE has been sleeping. A small, undetectable scratch could infect you with rabies. Call us RIGHT away!!


 I know I have a bat problem!

For your health and safety do not attempt to rid your house of a bat infestation yourself. This is dangerous and rarely (if ever!) works. Please do not spend money on items that claim "quick cures" to a bat problem. No signal, powder or cloves of garlic will rid you of your bats. You need a qualified professional team to safely, humanely and legally exclude the bats from your house, garage or attic.